Kids Bee Happy Sand Art 2018

I came across Kids Bee Happy Sand Art a couple of months ago and given my children love Sand Art I thought I would sign up to sell the fabulous products.

And given my ‘day job’ is all about relaxation I thought I would see if I could use the Sand Art in a class and I’ve developed ‘And Relax’…..

I’m always on the look out for other ways to engage children with relaxation that’s different to my usual Relax Kids courses as not all children want to attend a 4 week course and sometimes it’s nice to do something a bit different while encouraging relaxation. If this is popular I will look at making it a regular feature in my timetable.

In the hour long session we will be doing:

  • Sand Art (one A4 sand art print per child)
  • Mindful Colouring
  • Learning some breathing techniques
  • Meditation/Visualisation

My aim is that children will come away feeling relaxed and having experienced some different techniques to help them relax.

I haven’t put an age range on this session simply because children will be working at their own pace.  Some younger children may need support with the Sand Art and other parts of the session so I will be encouraging the parents of younger children to stay for the session.

I’m running a session on Sunday 20 January from 9.15am-10.15am in Brighton Hill, Basingstoke.  The cost is £7.50 per child. Spaces are limited to 12 children.   Please get in touch for booking details.

Sand Art Take Home Packs

I have Sand Art Take Home Packs available ranging from small oval size up to A4 size with various prices depending on print size – if you are interested in finding out more please do check out Kids Bee Happy Sand Art with Kath (on Facebook) or contact me (details below).

Sand Art Parties

If your children love Sand Art then why not consider a Sand Art party – all children will go away with their own masterpiece!

Would you like Sand Art at your event?

If you are running an event and want to engage the children then please considering bringing Sand Art to your event, again please contact me (details below).

Kath Routledge

Facebook: Kids Bee Happy Sand Art with Kath

Mobile: 07989 476533



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