‘My Journal – Summer 2018’

Kath (Relax Kids Basingstoke) and Becky (Movin Monkeez) are very excited to tell you about ‘My Journal – Summer 2018’ – a brand new concept! A chance for children to record their summer memories. Encouraging a little fitness, some relaxation, some healthy eating. Encouraging children to think about the things they’ve enjoyed doing, the things they are grateful for and more!

‘My Summer Journal’ is a downloadable printable – around 50 pages. You can print a day at a time, a week at a time or the whole journal.

Accompanied by a Facebook group for the grown ups to share the exercise videos and relaxation ideas so that children can choose what they do. We will also be posting healthy recipes as well.

Kath and Becky are offering NorthHantsMum fans £1 discount off the £7.50 price. So if you are interested in buying the journal for £6.50 please contact Kath Routledge for details – either through Facebook Messenger or rkbasingstoke@yahoo.co.uk

AND everyone who has bought/anyone who buys a copy will be entered into a prize draw to win either a Movin Monkeez cookbook OR a Relax Kids ‘Elevator of Happiness’ CD!

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