Trash to become treasure as Festival Place launches major summer campaign to put the fun into recycling

Trash will turn to treasure and plastic will become fantastic as Festival Place, Basingstoke, launches a major summer recycling initiative to encourage shoppers to have fun while playing their part in helping the environment.

The shopping centre is inviting visitors to donate plastic bottles and packages which will be remodelled by an on-site artist into weird and wonderful robot sculptures during the summer holidays. Schools, community groups, businesses and individuals which would like to donate materials and have a sculpture displayed are asked to contact

As part of the scheme, a series of eye-catching plastic “Recyclabots” – Maggie Zine, Alan Minium, Bev Ridge, Cap‘n Lidov, Carrie O’Bag, and Diana Thirst –  will go on display around the centre to encourage shoppers to drop off their materials. There will also be a prominent plastics recycling drop-off point in Porchester Square from July 30 to start the campaign, which will run until August 19.

The scheme will include an action-packed activities programme for families, including a “Robotrial” treasure hunt and a series of free craft activities from August 13 to 19 so children can create their own unique robots from the collected recycled materials.

Schools and community groups are also being invited to build their own recycling robot. The sculptures, built out of anything from cardboard to plastic bottles, will go on display in the shopping centre.

Shoppers will also be able to take part in an entertaining game called “Uppy Cuppy” – where they are challenged to hold up as many cups as they can. Participants will win a stylish and environmentally-friendly reusable cup. Members of the public will also be able to visit the “Carrie O’Bag” station to exchange their plastic bags for a brown paper reusable one.

Shoppers will be invited to share all their artwork and photographs on social media using the hashtag #FPRecyclabot.

The initiative comes amid Festival Place’s ongoing commitment to help the environment and raise awareness. The shopping centre was the first in the UK to operate an on-site Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and Food Digestion Facility, turning food waste into grey water that can be re-used.

Emily Palmer, Marketing Manager at Festival Place, said: “Recycling and particularly the impact of plastic pollution is very high on the news agenda at the moment. With this in mind we have devised a summer initiative that aims to put the fun into recycling and particularly resonates with children.

“We have called upon the expertise of an artist who specialises in creating amazing sculptures out of plastic and the creations will form a spectacular backdrop to all the fun activities we will have going on. It’s a spectacle people will not want to miss!”

Festival Place is committed to helping the environment and has led a number of green-friendly initiatives. Key achievements include:

  • First shopping centre to operate an on-site Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and Food Digestion Facility turning food waste into grey water.
  • The centre recycles over 170 tonnes of glass bottles each year.
  • All the centre’s cardboard and paper is recovered for recycling and it processes over 440 tonnes per year.
  • Over the past decade the centre has been awarded three Green Hero and six Green Apple awards for recycling commitment.
  • The centre uses waterless urinals and since 2011 collected rainwater has been used in the centre’s cleaning regime.
  • Centre-wide initiatives such as putting timers on lights, swapping to green energy electrical suppliers, and reducing the temperature by one degree saves over 800 tonnes of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere each year.

Emily added: “Festival Place continues to be a national leader in spearheading environmentally-friendly initiatives and we hope our summer campaign captures the imagination and gets even more shoppers recycling.”

The Trash to Treasure campaign is one of a series of events scheduled at Festival Place during 2018. For further information visit or find details on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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