Love the local businesses in Basingstoke throughout July

Throughout July, shoppers in North Hampshire are being encouraged to show their support for Independent Business Month, which champions the shops and eateries which line our high street.

Independent Business Month is all about embracing the wide range of independently-owned shops and businesses here in Basingstoke. It is part of Independent Retailers Month, a national initiative which aims to showcase locally-run shops and businesses of all shapes and sizes throughout the UK.

To mark the month, a digital campaign has been produced to give Basingstoke business owners the opportunity to showcase their unique contributions to the local economy. Learn more about what your local indies have to say by visiting or searching #IndependentBasingstoke on social media.

Shoppers also have the chance to take advantage of a range of special promotions running in shops, cafes, restaurants and galleries throughout Basingstoke in July, which will be published on social media. This will be in addition to a number of other benefits of supporting local businesses including the individuality of their product range or menu options and a more personalised experience from shop or restaurant owners who know exactly what their businesses have to offer.

Independent Business Month is run by Basingstoke Together, the face of the Basingstoke Business Improvement District (BID). The BID’s aim is to help Basingstoke town centre to thrive by creating destination events, engaging with consumers and supporting retailers and businesses.

Lucy Boazman, chief executive of Basingstoke Together, said: “Independent Business Month provides a fantastic opportunity to explore what independent traders in Basingstoke can offer the local community. Basingstoke is buzzing with independents and we encourage people in Basingstoke to make the most of that this month to branch out from their usual shopping and dining habits to experience the hidden gems of the town for themselves.”

The digital campaign for Independent Business Month will include a series of videos, photography and a podcast. It will give Basingstoke business owners the chance to tell their story to residents and shoppers about why they have chosen to give their business a home in Basingstoke. It will also help businesses to raise their profiles to highlight what makes them different from larger chains and the advantages of this to their customers and clients.

Gagan Joshi, owner of The Spicy Tadka in Festival Place, said: “As an independent and authentic Indian restaurant in Basingstoke, we believe it’s important for us to take advantage of great opportunities, such as Independent Business Month, to demonstrate who we are and what we do. It also helps us to connect with people in Basingstoke to show them what we have to offer but also to get feedback on what they want and expect from us and our service.”

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