Please help if you can: Volunteers needed to support NCT Charity in their Nearly New Sale Events

WHERE – Queen Mary’s College. Basingstoke
WHEN – Sat 28th Apr & Sat 6th Oct 2018

We are currently looking for people to take on various volunteering roles for the Basingstoke NCT Nearly New Sales. Volunteering with the NCT charity means you get a general feeling of satisfaction that you are helping people in the community; you can show transferable skills on your CV while on Maternity Leave or a stay at home Mum.

What do the roles require from a volunteer ?

Main team volunteer roles are asked to attend a pre sale meeting and then volunteer for a few hours either split between the Friday evening preparation tasks or on the Saturday. Which is split into pre sale, sale and post sale.
You can also do half your time on the Friday and half on the Saturday.

Examples of roles are – on payment tills, guiding customers, checking quality, packing bags, answering queries….

Main team volunteer benefits include –
– Early entry into the sale (when volunteering 6 hours +)
– 50% of sellers fees refunded (when volunteering 3 hours +)

We also need to fill 3 roles as part of the nearly new sale core team.
Logistics Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator and Seller Coordinator.
The core team have the extra benefits of –
– Extra early entry into the sale (before the pre-sale)
– 100% of the sellers fee refunded

The Logistics Coordinator is responsible for:
– Booking the Venue for Spring and Autumn Sales;
– Coordinator payment of invoices;
– Prepare risk assessment and insurance details for sales to take place;
– Liaise with local NCT branches for loan of equipment, such as rails;
– Arrange collection of equipment such as rails, shopping bags, aprons, and sashes;
– Liaise with Treasurer to ensure chip and pin machines and floats are ordered prior to sale;
– Attend Core Team Meetings to help with other areas of the sale, pre and post sale.

The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for:
– Setting up the volunteer section of the Intrabiz registration page;
– Sending emails to previous volunteers and sellers about volunteering options for the next sale;
– Allocating volunteers to roles for the set up, sale and clear up to make sure we have enough people to perform the tasks required;
– Sign in and out all volunteers on the day of the sale and give volunteer briefing.

The Seller Coordinator is responsible for:
– Setting up the sale section of the Intrabiz registration page;
– Sending emails to previous volunteers and sellers about selling for the next sale;
– Having excellent excel experience to create seller spreadsheets, and keep the master spreadsheet up to date. This allows the sale to happen with a barcode scanning system and seller database;
– Email all sellers their seller spreadsheets and make sure they have been submitted for database entry before the sale;
– Greet all sellers and sign them in on the Friday evening;
– Making sure clear up on Saturday is completed correctly before sellers come to receive their unsold items.

The sale is completely run by volunteers and we can only continue running these sales if we have volunteers to look after the preparation and running of them. If you would be interested in finding out more about any of these roles please contact us by emailing
Or visit our Facebook page and ask us a question

Or, if you are happy to volunteer with the above information for the April sale, please follow this link to register:

If you would be interested in selling at our next sale, we offer a return of either half or full of your seller fees if you volunteer with us. If you would like to register to sell, please follow this link:

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