Review 2018: Poundfit with Vicky

Vicky’s a very good friend of mine so I was intrigued when she recently started her Poundfit classes.

Being a good friend of hers, she obviously took full advantage of knowing that I’m NorthHantsMum and asked me to review her classes :-D.

Poundfit with Vicky

Poundfit is a combination cardio and strength class with “constant simulated drumming”. You follow a dance routine whilst hitting with drum sticks.

Vicky is uber friendly, although I might be biased as she is a friend of mine! lol. She was very excited that I came to class and was very bubbly and made sure that all of the ladies felt welcomed.

When we arrived the room was set up with mats and drum sticks.

Once she switched the lights on I felt like I was back to my clubbing days! lol.

The routines were very straight forward and easy to follow and you do as much or as little as you can. I was very nervous at first because it’s been a while since I’ve done a “proper” exercise class.

But I kept up without any issues and although some of the exercises were a bit too much for my poor thighs I was still able to follow the routine and still pound my drum sticks. I think after only a few more classes my thighs would be much better than they currently are!!

The class is 45 minutes long with a warm up and cool down but it goes really fast!

It was BRILLIANT!!! I loved it!!!  Although I wasn’t as sweaty as I thought I would be, so maybe I’m not as unfit as I originally thought! lol.

It’s a great way of relieving any stress and tension at the same time as getting fit. I can see why it’s a little bit addictive!!!


Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting sweaty or leaping around in.

Take a water bottle and a mini towel to wipe the sweat off with.


Is free at all of the venues


You can find out more details about Poundfit with Vicky at her facebook page: Poundfitwithvicky

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