Online Fitness Pilates – Special Offer for NHM Readers!!

Becky has been delivering Pilates in Basingstoke for over 7 years and continues to run successful classes in the community and workplace. The need for Pilates is growing what with the stresses and strains of everyday life. Incorporating Pilates into your daily routine can help with a number of ailments both physically and mentally. This month has seen a great response from a number of runners who tried out the programme for Becky. You receive 10 filmed sessions for you to do at your own leisure (all between 10 and 14 mins in length). These range from:

💤 Morning wake up routine 🛏 Bedtime routine

🍎 Core strengthening 💪 arms and upper body

😩 Plank series 🍑 glute and leg sequence etc etc

Including bonus material – ball and band workouts. This is all coordinated via a Facebook group, so easy to access at a time convenient to you. You can tune in via your smart phone, iPad or TV!

I look forward to welcoming some new people to our group. Usually £10 per month but I’m offering 25% off to the first 30 NHM readers who quote the code lovepilates.

You can contact Becky on Facebook via her personal profile: Becky Lane

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