Family/Junior activities at Basingstoke Sports Centre – Jan 2018

Eeek, I’m a teeny tiny bit late with this post but not too late for some of the courses which start this week. I’m sure Sarah would be able to accommodate you in you are interested.

Family/junior activities at Basingstoke Sports Centre

-Family Pedal (12.10-12.40) for parents and children, starting Saturday 6th Jan for six weeks

-Junior Pedal (4-4.45) for ages 10 and up, starting Wed 3rd Jan for six weeks

-Junior Bootcamp (4.25-5.25)  for ages 8 and up, starting Thursday and/or Friday 4th/5th Jan for six weeks

-Pre school Mini Movers (11-11.30) starting Wed and/or Thursday 10th/11th Jan for five weeks

I’m so passionate about young people’s health and fitness, as well as their parents!

I also run a class every single Wednesday evening at All Saints Church Hall 6-6.45, £5 a time (drop in) for adults to squeeze in a child free work out.


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