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About Simply Magical ART 

My name is Helen Heath and I am the founder and Manager of SmART.

I am 37 and live with my husband and 8 year old son in Basingstoke. Art has always been a big part of my son’s home experiences from when he was very young, recently I have noticed he seems to use it as a way of calming himself or de-stressing.

The club is something I have been considering for some time and felt that now was the right moment to move forward with it. I am just starting out with this new venture and am as excited as i am nervous! This club is very close to my heart, as well as something I think is really needed in our local community.

After an almost overwhelming response from the local school’s Facebook page I decided to steam onwards. 

What is it?

Simply Magical Art (SmART) is an opportunity for Junior aged children to explore and develop a range of skills, though the focus will be to use art as a way of relaxing and escaping. There will be no pressure to do something a particular way instead children will be encouraged to explore doing things using their own creativeness.  Each child will have an A3 display book (provided by us) in which to keep their ongoing projects. Though all children work at a different tempo we will attempt to give each one the time they need for each new skill we learn.


I am looking at teaching a range of skills that I learnt when younger and went to Art classes at the end of a Local artists garden, she had a tiny shed that was her art studio. I remember these classes with great clarity, they were my favourite time, my parents still have some of the things I made hanging in their houses. I hope we do as well, and make things parent’s treasure and children are proud of.

Some planned projects include: Pencil drawing, watercolour, studying a range of famous Artists styles, graffiti Art, Modelling animals, mosaic, decoupage and many, many more.

Children will also have a chance to put their ideas on the ‘ideas tree’ letting me know anything they would really like to spend some time studying. Throughout the year we will also have special projects for mothers day, easter, christmas etc 

Exciting Developments

We have already been awarded a small grant, and are in the process of getting permission to decorate a local underpass as part of next years Art in Unexpected places Festival being run by Basingstoke and Dean borough council.

I am also looking at including other sessions for Infant aged children as well as whole day sessions during the holidays.

Contact and details

At present classes are planned to be held in Westside community centre in Oakridge (beside Oakridge Junior school). They will be held on Wednesday from 3.30 until 5pm with a collection from the Oakridge Junior School. Also Saturdays from 9.30 – 11am. I am currently charging £5 per session and asking for half terms fee in advance. Classes will start as soon as I have enough children registered to cover hall and resources costs.

To contact me with an enquiry please contact me at:

Add us on Facebook:  @SimplyMagicalART


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