ChillMAMA Pregnancy Meditation with Marie Behenna

If you are expecting a baby and need help to mentally prepare, as well as take time to connect with your growing baby, or even have a fear of what type of labour awaits you, the ChillMAMA Pregnancy Meditation with Marie Behenna is now available to download for just £2.99.

This 13 minute affirmation and mediation piece is on the same shorter version taught in Marie’s Basingstoke classes and written in her book The FitMama™ Method (Souvenir Press 2912)

Marie Behenna has helped 1000’s of women in the run up to giving birth, with fitness classes, one to ones, and meditation.

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CD Baby:

Follow this link to read about the live recording by producer Garry Webb of Prodbear:

Best wishes

Marie Behenna

Director : Studio 41 Fitness Ltd

Founder & Author: The FitMama™ Method

Tel:  01256 369 291

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