Baby Weighing Clinics in Basingstoke (Last updated June 2019)

Updated Picture June 2019

Even though NorthHantsMum is now closed, I will continue to update this post because I’m sure it’s the only online version available.

However, please email at any changes as I won’t know otherwise. Thank you!


Drop In: 9:15am to 10.45am Ridgeway Community Centre, Blackdown Close, Buckskin RG22 5BN

Appointment only: 9.30am to 11am, Chineham Christ Church Hal, Reading Road, RG24 8LT (1st & 3rd Monday of each month)


Appointment only: 2-3.30pm, Woolton Hill Surgery, Woolton Hill RG20 9UL (3rd Tues each month)


Appointment only: 1.30-3pm, Tadley Community Centre, Tadley RG26 4HN (1st & 4th Wed each month))


Appointment only: 2pm-3pm, Kingsclere Medical Practice, Kingsclere RG20 5QY (4th Thurs each month)


Appointment only: 9:30-11am, Overton Community Centre, Overton RG25 3HS (3rd Fri each month)

Drop In: 9.30am-11.30am, Basingstoke Discovery Centre (town centre Library), Festival Place RG21 7LS (Weekly)

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4 thoughts on “Baby Weighing Clinics in Basingstoke (Last updated June 2019)

  1. Amy Reply

    Just to let you know, the Popley Fields clinic on a Wednesday has changed to 2nd and 4th Wednesday each month as of 1st December

    • Louise NorthHantsMum Reply

      Thanks Amy! I’m just waiting to get the correct details of the new clinics and will be updating the post really soon. Thanks loads for letting me know!!!! Many thanks, Louise

  2. Sarah-louise Masters Reply

    Anyone know what the email address is for the health visitors

    • Louise NorthHantsMum Reply

      Hi Sarah. Please ask your GP, they each look after certain surgeries and they can tell you who your one is. They only look after children until they start school so if in school then it’s school nurse. Thanks!

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