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Frequently Asked Question’s on NorthHantsMum


Facebook Profile: “Louise nhm Smith” – I get a lot more interaction on my profile. NHM Readers often ask anonymous questions and I ask the NHM community to provide their advice and support on the readers behalf. I also have several FB groups set up which are a great way to meet like minded parents and you are very welcome to join. Details are in this post.

WebsiteNorthHantsMum.co.uk – you can subscribe to NHM so that you get an email every time a post is published. This is the ONLY way you can guarantee not to miss any posts on NHM.

Facebook Page: “NorthHantsMum FB Page” – FB limits the number of people that each post goes out too, so there is no guarantee that you will see all of the NHM posts this way, even if you do select to say “See first”.

If you are new to NorthHantsMum

Joining the NHM Community


New parents


Parents of a baby

Parents of a toddler

Classes and regular activities to do with your babies and children

Making parenting friends in the area

Things to do

Places to visit.


If you have baby items that you would like to donate

Local Weigh in clinics and breastfeeding clinics

Breastfeeding friendly places in North Hampshire

Are there any more FAQ’s that you think should be added?

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