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My name is Wendy I am the founder of Relax for Birth Hypnobirthing & Birth Preparation and the Healing Birth Space offering support and treatment following a traumatic birth.

I have worked in the birthing world since the early 1990’s.  I initially trained as a Midwife, my dream since I was a little girl.  During my training and Midwifery career I worked in large units averaging 5000-6000 births a year.  My belief was and still is (now more than ever) that women are strong, our bodies are capable and with the right support (and in the absence of actual medical issues) they will birth just as nature intended.

However my experience as a Midwife threw this into question on a daily basis.  I grew accustomed to witnessing healthy women with easy pregnancy’s spiral into a birth complete with intervention, anxiety, fear and ultimately trauma. This became the norm rather than the exception.

I struggled! Big time! Trapped in a world of policy’s and protocols I was unable to support women and their partners in helping them to achieve the birth that I knew they could, calm, comfortable and hell even enjoyable!

Eventually I left Midwifery…. a BIG decision! I continued to work in the NHS but birth and supporting couples through this incredible journey was and still is my passion.

In 2009 and my life changed, I gave birth to our first son, the birth was hard but I was prepared as I could be and I got through it. I felt in control and new my options, when my home birth didn’t happen it was me that made the decisions to transfer to hospital, I fully understood the benefits and felt supported. The upshot being that even though the birth didn’t play out as planned it was a very positive experience.

Following Charlie’s birth my passion was reignited, I returned to Midwifery  doing  a weekly shift for about a year.  So it did two things, it confirmed Midwifery wasn’t for me, but it was about to change my life. I was asked to look after a couple who were Hypnobirthing! Hypno what? That moment, those few hours spent with that couple were life changing, setting me on a new course, and new journey. Reaffirming what I had known all along!

‘Women are strong and we are made to give birth.’

I completed my Hypnobirthing training in 2011 and my Doula training followed shortly after. Birth is so important, it’s not just about that one day! Birth impacts it imprints and good or bad it will remain with you for life!

Its not about out a perfect birth, the key is a positive birth.  A birth where a woman feels in control, supported, understood and safe. Where her wishes, her body and her birthing space are respected.  When just one element of this recipe for birth are missing then birth can spiral into trauma.

As a Hypnobirthing Practitioner and Doula I focus on helping a couple to prepare for birth, empowering them with knowledge and skills to ROCK their birth.  But over the years I have worked with women  who are on their 2nd or 3rd birth who still carry the trauma of a first birth, the trauma and the feelings still seeping into their daily life impacting on moving forward and embracing what they have.  It is the wonderful couples I have been blessed to work with that have inspired me to extend my practice so that I can endeavour to support them in releasing their existing trauma.

I am so grateful to have trained with the wonderful Alex Heath in Birth Trauma Recovery and using the 3 Step Rewind Technique, learning how to lift and heal the symptoms of birth trauma and associated Post Traumatic StressDisorder.

The birth of my second son Alfie was most definitely my defining moment, calm, comfortable, empowered and enjoyable it set me up perfectly physically and emotionally for my 2nd journey into parenthood. I trusted my body and I knew that those around me, my husband and Midwife did too. I feel blessed that this was my experience.  But I know that this isn’t the reality for everyone.

Trauma in birth is very real, it can impact on a woman, birth partner and even birth professionals for a long time and can have a huge effect on day to day life.

So that it where my Birth Trauma Recovery sessions can help, aiming to lift the symptoms of the trauma and allowing the space to confront and banish them.

So if you would like to plan for a calm and positive pregnancy and birth then check out my Hypnobirthing & Birth Preparation classes at

If you have experienced trauma in childbirth then please check out my website to see how I can help.



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