A Guest post vs. a Review on NorthHantsMum

I seem to have confused a few people recently with Guest Posts and Reviews, so I thought I would do a quick post to clarify how they both work on NorthHantsMum.

A Guest Post vs. a Review on NorthHantsMum

Guest posts on NorthHantsMum (NHM) feature small local businesses in Hampshire and Berkshire that are relevant to parents who live in North Hampshire.

Guest posts are written by each business owner and I publish them every Wednesday on NHM. If you’d like to see what previous people have written for their Guests posts, please see the following link: http://www.northhantsmum.co.uk/guest-posts-2/

There are over 2300 people who are readers of NHM, so you would have the opportunity to publicise your business to a wide network of parents.

However, I do need to make you aware that Facebook has changed it’s “rules” so now only 10% of the people who are subscribed to the NHM FB page see my posts. Please ensure that as many of your network “Share, Like and Comment” on your published post so that the post has more reach on Facebook.

Please email your guest post to me at NorthHantsMum@gmail.com. If you could get your post to me before the Friday, that would be very helpful as I do most of my blog work over the weekend. Please also send any photo’s in .JPEG format, otherwise I won’t be able to use them.

Please note that I also write Review posts featuring local places, local products and local experiences. http://www.northhantsmum.co.uk/category/things-to-do/reviews-2/ If I’m not able to write the Review I have a team of NHM Writers who will review your product or place for you and write the Review.

If you would like me to write a review on your product or place, please email me at NorthHantsMum@gmail.com.

All Guest Posts on NorthHantsMum are free. It is absolutely fine to have both a Guest post AND a Review on NHM.

In return for your posts, I would ask that you share NHM’s details with your network.

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