Mama’s Meals

While you look after the baby, who looks after you?

That was a question that I couldn’t answer after I had my son Harry and so I set up Mama’s Meals, a meal delivery system for parents of newborn babies in and around the Basingstoke area.

I cook, freeze and deliver hearty meals using fresh ingredients with a focus on nutrition and wellbeing to parents who don’t have the time, energy or inclination to shop and cook but still want to eat healthily.


How Mama’s Meals was ‘born’

I set up Mama’s Meals after my first son Harry was born. Prior to his birth I followed a clean eating regime and exercised regularly, (I was at the gym the day before he was born!). However once Harry arrived, (three and a half weeks early!) this went completely out of the window and I struggled to find the time to eat anything at all! I survived on food that could be opened and eaten with one hand, mostly toast and biscuits; this did nothing for my post-natal recovery or my mood and I would have given my right arm for a home cooked meal with some vegetables!


Both my son and I have allergies so I’m highly experienced in preparing and cooking meals where extra care is required around ingredients and avoiding cross contamination. I apply the same principles when cooking for vegetarians and vegans. I really understand how important it is that allergies, intolerances or lifestyle choices are taken seriously and will take the utmost care when preparing your meals.

Mama’s Meals offers a healthy alternative to takeaways and supermarket ready meals which are often laden with hidden fats, salt, sugar and preservatives. The portion sizes of takeaways and shop bought ready meals often don’t leave you feeling satisfied and this way of eating can be very costly.

Delicious and nutritious

I focus on providing meals which are nutritionally dense and aid post-birth recovery. My meals are also ideal if you’re breastfeeding as they ensure that you receive a balanced meal with a healthy amount of calories and as many vitamins and minerals as possible. For example instead of using 100% potato mash I add in carrot and swede to increase the vitamin content whilst ensuring a great taste! I also sneak extra vegetables into items such as the tomato sauce in my lasagne, an easy way to hit your 5 a day.



Perfect for as long as you need

Even if you got the chance to cook and freeze some meals before you gave birth, (which I didn’t – I hadn’t even started maternity leave!) your freezer can only store so much. Mama’s Meals will provide you with home-cooked meals on a weekly basis for as long as you need and also offers a great range of meals so you don’t get bored.

Flexible meal choices

I offer a choice of lunches and dinners for you, you and your partner or for your entire family. You can choose to order meals for the entire week but if you fancy a takeaway at the weekend you can order less, (minimum of 5 meals per person, per week).

I deliver on a Saturday or Sunday so that you have meals for the coming week.

Good home cooked food

Mama’s Meals is not a diet program, it’s fresh, home-cooked food, frozen immediately to protect the nutritional content that aids post-birth recovery and breastfeeding and is the type of food I cook and eat at home.

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