Review 2016: Dinky Disco


Thank you very much to Helen, one of the NHM Writers, for today’s Review of a new weekend class which will be starting very soon!!

Sunday morning Disco anyone?!

My three year old son and I spent a very fun hour this morning at the Dinky Disco preview. Dinky Disco is a new group for children aged 5 years and under held at Bramley Village Hall on Sundays beginning 24th July 2016.

Dinky Disco is ran by the lovely, bubbly and smiley Nikki who made all of the children feel welcome. Nikki used a microphone to introduce each song, some of which came with bonus props for the party goers to dance with; there were balloons, maracas, bubbles, pom poms, scarfs and bouncy balls.

So much fun! Music-wise, there was a mixture of party tunes (think YMCA), pop (a bit of Justin Bieber) and children’s songs (row, row, row your boat…etc.). Interestingly, the children didn’t really seem to know the party tunes – how has my child reached the age of 3 without knowing the YMCA? I must put that right.

We did lots of dancing and my son had a fantastic time chasing the bubbles and running around with a smile on his face. There was quite a range of ages there and, whilst the older ones (say 3+) perhaps got the idea more than the younger ones, I’m pretty sure the little ones, some of whom were still crawling, had a good time enjoying all the lights, music and props.

Next time I will definitely take my 9 month old as well. My son asked beforehand whether there would be boys and girls there and I’m pleased to say there was a good mixture and it didn’t feel geared toward boys or girls specifically.

It was a really fun way to spend an hour of our Sunday morning. On the way home I asked him what the best bit was. He said ‘the DANCING!’ :-D.


This is strictly a stay and play group and ideally a parent-participation class, whilst you could sit and watch I think the parents joining in were having a lot more fun!

Note that this isn’t a dance class, how and when you want to dance is up to you – anything goes. Nikki provides the disco lights, music, atmosphere and props, not instruction on how to dance!

My son and I had great time and he worked up a bit of a sweat. The group was an hour and he definitely needed a drink and snack by the end. There isn’t anything available so take something along with you.

A number of people had small babies with them to accompany an older child and this seemed to work out fine; the music wasn’t too loud.

There are balloons and one or two did pop during the group so something to keep in mind if your child doesn’t like balloons popping!

Sessions can be booked individually (no need to sign up for a whole term etc.) but must be booked in advance, up to 1 hour before the class.


Bramley Village Hall is great. There are toilets and baby change facilities. The room is relatively small so not ideal for buggies but you could get one in if you needed to.


Car parking is free and convenient at the Village Hall.


£2.75 per person (parents and children pay).

You can find out more about Dinky Disco at the website below and there will be a Guest Post next Wednesday on NorthHantsMum with more details about the class:

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