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A bit about the Club / us

We are a husband and wife team that wanted to set our own Family Camping Club to invite families to come and camp on a rally field or at a campsite and for the children to play together in a large open space.

Also for children to do all things we used to do when we were children. It’s all about spending time together as a family.

We would like families to try and go screen free for a while and play games, chat and be social, even if it for a short period.

So we Launched the only Dedicated Family Camping Club @ the NEC Camping, Caravanning and motorhome show in February. We have great response from families mentioning they like the concept. So we booked up several places and organised rally for members to come to, and non-members to give it a try.

This weekend:

Our large one for this year is at Wellington Country Park. Great place for children. We have secured a large field in which to camp in, which excepts all types of units from Tent – Motorhomes.

We have organised for a BBQ to be provided.(£10 family 4) and Bouncy castle to use for free. Plus free activities and fun and games for all to join in.  Not forgetting free entrance to Wellington country park over the 3 days.

The cost of this rally is £40.( non-members price) But this includes 2 nights camping. Plus everything else mentioned.  For visitors to the park for the day for a family of 4 is £37. So camping works out quite a good price.


We have more events going on thought the year also, but we would like to get families to this one to show the park that families love to camp also to secure for the club to use in the future.

Most of our events are at weekends, school holidays and half terms. We try to get places close the area as we understand school and work on Monday. Most of our events are from £8.00 a night. Some are more expensive as they maybe attached to a country park or more things are going on. Eq Wellington Country Park.

High Season.

We have taken over a campsite in Hayling Island for 2 weeks in August with electric hook for £20.

A night Non Members and £15 a night for members, which is close to the beach.

This price is silly compared to other campsite that charge £30 / £40 a night.


Most of the sites are basic, but like to allow families and children to be together. Most are just fields but are safe to camp in and enclosed. We do have a few sites that have swimming pools and bars etc which we have enquired about using , but they are more expensive. The site will give the club a discount which helps, these would have to be used in low season.


Membership fee for the club is set @ £20 for the year for the whole family. This is cheaper than the larger clubs, but helps us pay for advertising, website and insurance.

We run this as a non for profit organisation. And want members to help shape the club to make their own. We will just manage it for the members as we are members ourselves in effect.

We encourage non-members to come and try the club. Then they have the option to join on the day if they wish too We will  refund the difference on their pitch fee as they was a member already.

Its free to join our mailing list to hear about what’s going on, plus our FB and Twitter feeds.

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