New Attachment Parenting (AP) Group!

Holly sent me a message asking me if I could let you know about the new group that she’s set up for Attachment parenting.

New Attachment Parenting Group

If anyone is interested, this is the new APUK group I’ve started.

If you’re not sure what attachment parenting is, according to APUK:

“Attachment Parenting is for everyone! Attachment Parenting is about building strong bonds with your child by responding to their needs in a timely and sensitive way.

It is about modelling behaviour you wish to see and having respect, empathy and a desire for connection.It is about life-long relationship quality built on foundations of physical closeness and emotional understanding.

Attached families may enjoy the benefits of bedsharing, babywearing or breastfeeding but these are not essential; they are tools not rules which simply support the ability to be a highly responsive parent.”

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