Review 2015: Active Mums

Thank you very much to “H” for her Secret Review of Active Mums!

Review 2015: Active Mums

My baby boy is 7 weeks old and today I did my first official ‘exercise’ since he was born, joining Emma Perkins’ Active Mums class. Emma holds classes at 11am on Mondays and Wednesdays (and is also adding 11am Fridays until Christmas as a trial), meeting in the car park at Popley Community Centre. It’s £4 a time, drop-in, no need to book in advance.

I found the group easily (just by looking out for a group of mums with pushchairs!) and Emma made me feel welcome straight away. She emphasised at the beginning that there was no competitiveness in her classes as everyone has had different birth experiences, different lengths of time since giving birth, differing amounts of sleep etc. Emma encouraged us to chat and get to know each other.

The class involved walking, stretching, exercises with resistance bands, squats/lunges and core strength exercises. There was nothing too strenuous or technical so it would be suitable for all fitness levels and fine even for those that haven’t done much exercise before. Emma offered different options for those who wanted a more challenging workout. As it was my first class, she encouraged me to take it easy and see how I went; I got warm enough to take my jumper off so I must have been doing something right!

One of my worries about doing exercise with a baby in tow is that he might be unsettled during the class. I was surprised how relaxed the babies were throughout the class, maybe enjoying their time in the woods. My baby slept through the entire class! Emma reassured us all at the beginning that we could tend to our babies if we needed to and whenever one of them showed signs of being unsettled Emma helped by getting us moving again/finding a dropped dummy/rocking the pushchair etc.

I really enjoyed the class and will be back for more next week! If you want to get active, meet other new mums and spend some time outdoors with your little one, I thoroughly recommend giving these classes a go. It’s very different to a boring gym workout.


– Wear whatever you’re comfortable in; some people were in lycra gym gear others in jogging bottoms/jumpers etc.

– Wear layers, you’ll soon warm up.

– In the winter keep in mind that the ground is muddy in the woods so don’t wear anything you want to keep looking pretty!
– remember to take a drink

– you don’t need a special buggy, just bring your normal pushchair (you won’t be running with the buggy). In the class I did, all of the babies were in their car seats.

– keep in mind that the babies are sitting still for the class so make sure they are warm enough.

– enjoy yourself!

You can find out more details about Emma’s Active Mums class from her previous post on NorthHantsMum at: GPW: BuggyFit (Buggyfit has been rebranded as Active Mums).

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