NorthHantsMum Christmas Expo: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know – you are probably REALLY bored of my thank you emails, but I’m afraid it needs to be done!!! 😀

I think it went well this morning. It’s always such an anti-climax after the Expo and I never really get to “enjoy” the event cause I’m running around like a blue **** fly trying to ensure it all goes smoothly!

I’ve had some lovely feedback already though, so I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to everyone who came along today!!! (and thank you for your patience during my “thank you’s” at the beginning of the raffle. I’m still cringing! lol).

I couldn’t run the Expo’s without you all coming along, so thank you for making the effort to come along!

Thank you very much to my “core” team.

  • Sophie – THANK YOU for helping Hayley in the kitchen. You are such a fab friend who is always happy to volunteeer to help out with NHM stuff, so THANK YOU!!! Really couldn’t do it without you.
  • Lynne – AWESOME help today! You did a fab job selling raffle tickets AND hoovering up at the end. Thank you!!!
  • Abi – who is always Uber supportive of NHM to the extent that she did the re-designing of the new website! Thank you!!!
  • Lowri – Thank you for being my gopher this morning!!! Really couldn’t have done the front desk without your help today.

Kim and Father Christmas and his Elf from Routine Riots  – I had glowing feedback about Father Christmas and his Elf, even after the Elf managed to leave her car  unlocked and her driver door wide open (thanks Mel for letting me know!) and Father Christmas and his Reindeer got stuck in air traffic :-D. NHM events wouldn’t be the same without Routine Riots!

JV Bouncy Castle Hire team – Thank you to John, Nathan and the team for letting us use your softplay equipment. I highly recommend these guys if you are looking for bouncy castles or softplay equipment. They are lovely and ultra professional!

Christ church Chineham – Thank you to Ruth and the rest of her team for letting us use the premises and for doing whatever it was that they did to ensure that the electricity came on at 10.02am this morning!!!?!?!

Thank you to Hayley at Impish Delights for your fab pop up tea room and Lucy at Lucy Crick Photography for your professionalism and fab pictures! lol.

Thank you to all of the stall holders and taster session ladies who came along today. I was sooooo grateful to those of you who turned up early and who stayed behind to help tidy up.  Big thanks to Tracy from Eden Reborn and her children who helped me put most of the tables out in the morning!

I’m so lucky that you are all so very supportive and willing to muck in and help out! It really took the pressure off today knowing that you were all so supportive!

Finally, thank you to Mr NHM who puts up with me organising these events and who was happy to take a day off work to help out and a big thank you to Miss NHM who is my inspiration for NHM!

Raffle Prizes

There were quite a few unclaimed raffle prizes but I have everyone’s mobile number so will try to get everything sorted this evening so I can call you to let you know if you’ve won anything.

Money Raised

At first count, it looks like we raised over £650 for Piam Brown Children’s Ward, so THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to this!

I know that Carrie and her little boy “T” are very grateful for this money which will be made to Piam Brown ward in their name.

Thank you!!!!!!!!

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