Review 2015: Sundaes Gelato Basingstoke

If you are on a diet, you need to STOP reading now! 😉

Review: Sundaes Gelato

Sundaes Gelato Basingstoke

We recently went to Sundaes Gelato which is at the top of town where Cafe Rouge used to be. (Cafe Rouge’s lease was up and they are now looking for a new location in town).


I heard about Sundaes Gelato through some friends pictures on facebook. The ice creams looked like works of art so I knew once I told Mr NHM about it (he has quite a sweet tooth) it wouldn’t be long before we were visiting :-D.

I promised Miss NHM that we would go on the first Friday after she started school, if she had been a good girl during the first week. I’m not sure if this was a good thing as she literally RAN back to the car afterwards. You could actually see the sugar coursing through her veins and she only had a “small” pot of ice cream!

They are open till 10pm most days so this would be an excellent place to go for date night with your beloved. We went in the day though so not sure what it would be like of an evening.

Thank you very much to Michelle, Lynne and their families. We bumped into them whilst here and they let me take pictures of their ice creams and waffles! This review would have been very boring without these pictures, so thank you!

On Offer

They offer Gelato (Ice cream), coffee’s, crepes, waffles, shakes and floats, deserts and cakes and sundaes. If you have a search on the website above you can find a copy of their menu and see what is available.

The whole place is very pink and black.


There is a variety of seating including tables, booths and comfy sofa’s near the front of the building.

These are the pictures that I managed to take of the freezer ice cream that is available.

Ice Cream 1

Ice Cream 2

Ice Cream 3

These are the other freezers which show the other ingredients that are used:

Ice Cream 4

You can choose to have a pot or a waffle for your ice cream:

Ice Cream 5

There are video screens throughout but I wasn’t quite sure how these worked.

One warning, when we went after school on a Friday evening, the music was very loud because of the high ceilings. Or maybe it’s because I’m just too old ;-).


I thought it was quite sweet that the staff asked Mr NHM is there was anything special we were celebrating when I sent him up to order his DISGUSTINGLY massive ice cream (see picture below).

Mr NHM’s Knickerbocker Glory

There is no waiter service. You can go in, choose where to sit and then go up to the freezers and order from there.

Take your own wet wipes. The napkins are rubbish.

Don’t dress your child in a white t shirt and let her have a small bowl of chocolate ice cream. It WILL get messy, especially when the sugar kicks in!! :-D.

Only take your children when you don’t have anything that needs to be done for the next 4 hours because it will take them that long to wind down from the sugar. Miss NHM went to bed an hour and a half later the evening after we went here, because she couldn’t settle!!!


These are the pictures that I took of the ice creams and waffles…







Miss NHM’s chocolate ice cream. It’s smaller than it looks but LOADED with sugar. Opps! 
My coconut ice cream one scoop. 


Are the same facilities that were available for Cafe Rouge.

Baby Facilities

There are baby changing facilities with a changing table.

There are several highchairs available.


Is in town.


Is quite expensive considering this is just ice cream but when you actually see these “works of art” I can see why it costs what it does.

This is the perfect place to come if you aren’t watching your weight and would like a nice evening out as a family.

Rating out of 5

4.8 out of 5 because of the volume of the music and the rubbish napkins.

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