Postnatal Repair Course

Marie sent me a lovely message asking me to let you know about her new Postnatal Repair Course which starts in September.

Postnatal Repair Course

I’m taking bookings for my next postnatal repair course in September. Spaces fill up fast, so I wanted to promote it with you before I go public.

This course is suitable for mums as early as 2 weeks after birth in the case of natural delivery or as soon as you feel well enough to drive after c-section.

Mum’s will be taught the cutting edge Hypopressive Method to tone and restore their pelvic floor and core in order to continue with more intense exercise.

The FitMama™ Easy Eating Plan is also included, as well as online support.

ALL babies are most welcome, as well as feeding and changing during class.

Grumpy babies are allowed to shout about it too!

For more details, please sign up here:!postnatal/c1zi6

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