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Thank you to Louise at NorthHantsMums for the opportunity to tell you about Lovellie Cakes.

My name is Jane Lovell, I’ve always loved making and eating cakes! I have 2 children who take up a lot of my time but I am pleased to have found an activity I enjoy and can do at home around them, so in April 2014 I launched Lovellie cakesI make individually designed and great tasting cakes and cupcakes. 

My mum was a great cook and as children we always had homemade birthday cakes, however she always regretted not learning learnt to decorate cakes properly. In 2013 I took her on 2 cake decorating courses. We had lots of fun and at the age of 78 she loved finally having the courage to attend classes.

Sadly my mum died in Dec 2013. I found it a great distraction to continue to learn and make cakes for my family and friends and realised not only did I love it I was actually good at it! In April I decided to become self-employed, register my kitchen and get insurance and Lovellie Cakes became real!

I am very proud when I see what I have achieved and how far I have come. These are my son’s birthday cake from 2012 and 2014: 

Having a focus for me has really helped and in 2014 I had the opportunity to make some great cakes, for some lovely peoplefor all occasions, birthdays, baby showers, christening and weddings.

All were a new challenge whether it was taking a wedding cake 600 miles, battling with fondant on the hottest day of the year, finding a compromise between a bride that loves icing and a groom that doesn’t, carving a cake into a trainer or having to consult my brother the scientist on how on to make ‘frozen ice’ from mints!

I am very realistic as to what I can make for customers but I do love a challenge. I am pleased to be able to offer gluten and dairy free cakes. I like to make cakes or cupcakes that are very personal to the customer and taste great. I enjoy the planning stage and then seeing the finished product.

In 2015 I hopeto continue to promote Lovellie Cakes, increase my customer base and make great cakes! My favourite quote is “A party without cake is a meeting!

Please have a look at my facebook page Lovellie cakes and give me a like.

Hope you all have a happy, healthy and successful New Year. xx

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