NHM Christmas 2014 Expo – A success! YAY!

I think I’ve nearly recovered. lol.

It’s not until you organise something like this that you realise how much effort goes into ensuring everything goes to plan.

We had a few curve balls yesterday but nothing that wasn’t resolved quickly and efficiently.

I’ve learnt an awful lot about how to host an event like this and I know what I will do differently next time. Yes, there will be a next time.

Am thinking about doing a smaller Meet Up in January, to beat the January blues, so let me know if you are interested in me organising this.

Right, next thing to plan….NHM Christmas lunch and NHM Christmas dinner. Everyone is welcome!

Thank you!!!

Thank you to EVERYONE who turned up. I couldn’t believe that there were people queuing up to get in at 9.25am. I think it was at that point that I started to get REALLY excited! lol.

Obviously I need to give a HUGE thank you to the team at Playdays who did a sterling effort with organising and ensuring that everything went smoothly on the day. They worked really hard and even had their faces painted! lol. A big thank you to Kristy and Cheryl for facilitating and to Jade for being so calm and letting me use the microphone to do an announcement. That was a definite highlight for me! lol.

Thank you to my Basingstoke Besties, Soph and Abi, for looking after Miss NHM for most of the morning. It wasn’t quite planned that way but thank you very much for stepping in and keeping an eye on her.

Thank you to Kati at Baby and Children’s Yoga for the really lovely chocolates and very posh thank you card. A really lovely surprise and I’m very touched by your thoughtfullness. Expect your posts to be thoroughly plugged the next time you send one over :-D.

Thank you to the lovely ladies who did the taster sessions. I’ve had some lovely feedback about them from the people who attended. I’m sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye to you all but I hope you had a great time.

Thank you to Sarah for the fabulous photography sessions. I’ve also had some lovely feedback from the ladies who had their photo’s taken and they can’t wait to see the pictures (neither can I!!! lol).

Thank you to all of the fabulous stall holders. You were so awesome, understanding and flexible in your requirements and didn’t look at me too strangely when I started manically laughing at about 9am. I blame the sugar.;-)

It was so great to meet so many stall holders that I’ve only had online communications with up till now. I think you all had a marvellous time as I’ve had some lovely comments and some great feedback about how to do things differently next time.

Thank you to Grace from Routine Riots who has an amazing voice that always sends shivers up my spine. (She’s sung as Rapunzel, Tinkerbell and Ariel at previous NHM Meet Up’s and is fabulous). Watching her and the children singing together really brought a tear to my eye.  A real highlight for me was watching Miss NHM interact with Grace as Elsa and Miss NHM and the other children singing along when Elsa was singing. I had no idea Miss NHM knew all the words and she’s only watched the film a few times! lol.

A big thank you to the team at Harlequin Clothing (Hi Rachel and Paul!) for the NHM T-shirts. If only Miss NHM would have worn hers! lol. They did look fantastic and I’m so pleased with them!

Another big thank you to Jenny at MBE Basingstoke for facilitating the drop off’s of leaflets for the goody bags.

A MASSIVE thank you to my AMAZING husband and daughter who I’m incredibly proud of! I couldn’t do NHM without their inspiration and support and they did me very, very proud. 

Finally, thank you to YOU, my lovely NHM readers. I couldn’t do what I do without your support and encouragement. I love being part of this fabulous community of Mum’s and it was such a lovely atmosphere on Friday. I hope that those of you who attended felt it too.

Those of you who weren’t able to attend, don’t worry, you didn’t miss much and I promise not to bang on about it until next year’s Christmas Expo ;-).