NHM Christmas 2014 Expo: Registration Closing, Parking and Goody Bags!

Starting to get excited now!!!! 😀

Registration Closing

Registration will close at 8pm this evening, for reduced child entry to Playdays and for booking taster sessions.

Adults do not need to register as your entry is free.


Basically, I need time to pull my spreadsheets together tonight and I would quite like to get some sleep so I’m not too much of a sweaty mess tomorrow.

If you register after 8pm this evening, I cannot guarantee that you will get the discount or your taster slot.

Bring Cash!

If you can.

Several of the stall holders don’t have card paying facilities, so if you have cash, they will greatly appreciate it, I’m sure!


Is going to be interesting…

There used to be an empty unit next to CityLink, so you could try there, but I will deny all knowledge of suggesting this ;-).

You could also try parking in any units which are “To Let”.

Otherwise, you may have to find a side street and walk. Sorry.

It would be great if those of you who don’t have small babies could park a little bit further away. Just so those ladies carrying baby seats don’t break their backs carrying them. Thank you!!!

Goody Bags

I have put together 150 Goody Bags for tomorrow, <not doing that again!!! lol>.

They include lots of discounts, some treats and freebies.

You will need to come and find me to get your goody bag. You cannot get a goody bag any other way.

The bags are specifically bought so your little ones can use them as a craft activity.

Am thinking of hosting a competition over the weekend for the best decorated goody bags! lol.

Oh and if you don’t want the things that are in your bag, don’t throw them away, please pass them on to someone else who might want them.

Christmas Food Box Donations

Don’t forget to bring your donations for the Christmas Food Box appeal.

There will be a table near the entrance for you to leave your donations.

I’m hoping no one pinches any when they leave, as it has been known!!!

Children in Need


One of the perks of having no TV is that you have no idea what is going on in the TV world.

So I only found out that Children in Need (is that what it’s called these days?) is on the same day as the NHM Christmas Expo. Epic fail!

Or shall I also do a collection for Children in Need and hope no one notices it was purely accidental that it’s on the same day? lol.

See you there!!!

This is my last post on wordpress before tomorrow evening.

I am REALLY looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow. WHOOP WHOOP!!!! 😀

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