I am not perfect….I am human

(Although my friend Jo – Hi Jo! – recently said she thought I was part alien, so that was nice! lol)

What I mean is, if I screw up tomorrow, I get distracted or I don’t do what you expect me too, I apologise in advance.

It’s going to be a huge event and I’m a little stressed and VERY nervous about it.

I will be organising the event and trying to meet people at the same time, whilst keeping an eye on Mr NHM (Win a Mini stand – make sure you go over and give him a hug. You’ll make his day and he’s a terrible flirt, so be warned!!! :-D) and Miss NHM.

I’m worried about how Miss NHM is going to cope as it’s Friday and this is her “tired” day.

You can bet your bottom dollar that a massive meltdown will occur at some point  from either Miss NHM, Mr NHM or just me! lol

I am also worried about the noise. I started wearing a hearing aid in January and I’m really worried that the noise could become over whelming.

I may not sleep tonight, worrying about tomorrow, and I get “manic” when I haven’t slept well.

Oh and when I’m under the “spotlight” I become a nasty, sweaty mess.

So, basically, tomorrow I’m going to be bright red in the face, sweating, frowning from the noise and a bit manic.

It’s going to be fun then! lol.

See you there 😉

PS: Mr NHM says he likes cake and I’m supposed to tell you all that. No comment.


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