My favourite blogs

This is a list of my favourite blogs. Interestingly, I much prefer American blogs to UK blogs.

It’s quite an eclectic mix, but you might find something that inspires you.

US Blogs

The art of Simple – My favouritest blog in the WHOLE world

The art of Simple Travel  – in 2020 the NHM family will be taking a year out to do a world trip, just like these guys. I can’t wait!!!!

The Simple dollar – Trent has inspired me to spend small but live large. He is partly the reason we didn’t buy a larger house last year. Just don’t tell Mr NHM this! lol.

Reluctant Entertainer – Over the five years I’ve been reading this blog, Sandy has inspired me to be a better hostess.

Modern Mrs Darcy – I’ve only been reading this blog for 6 months but I love Anne’s blog!

Super Healthy Kids – Thanks to Tracy, a NHM Reader, for the heads-up on this blog.

The Happiest Mom – I’ve been following Meagan’s blog for about 5 years and she has some brilliant tips on being a better Mum. Plus she has 5 children, so she clearly knows what she’s talking about!

The – Random but HILLARIOUS!

White Hot Truth – At first I thought this was claptrap, but it’s REALLY growing on me. I so want the Desire Map book for Christmas!

Zenhabits – Leo inspires me to be a better person.

UK Blogs

The Anti Mummy Blog – I love Sally’s take on the world. She also gets to go on some amazing holidays, all because of her blog. Jealous, moi? lol.

The Diary of a Frugal Family – Cass’s blog is one of my favourites for inspiration. I just wish they would eat more vegetables! lol.

Sticky Fingers – Tara’s blog is awesome and one of the top blogs in the UK.

Kate Takes 5 – Kate’s had a pretty rough couple of years but I love her take on life and being a single Mum.

Knackered Mothers Wine Club – ironically I hardly drink anymore, but I love the posts this lady writes! lol.

The Green Parent – A fantastic blog that really makes you think. I’ve discovered things via this blog, that I’d never heard of before.

Miss Thrifty – some brilliant ideas on how to save money.

Local blogs I love

Dear Mummy

Things I have Learnt

Adventures of a Mum

Act One Adventures

Everything is Rosy

Hope & Rainbows

Peppercorn prawn

I have loads more blogs that I read, but these are my favourites.

I hope you find this list useful.

Reading Blogs

I’ve mentioned before that I read all of these blogs via Feedly.

When Google reader was decommissioned last year I did a lot of research into which tool would be the best replacement.

Feedly is fantastic and I’ve been more than happy with the transition.

You can use feedly on your phone, computer and iPad and it syncs across all.

What are your favourite blogs to read?

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