NHM New Schedule

NHM is growing way beyond what I ever anticipated (THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!) so I think it’s probably time for me to make a few changes to the volume and timings of posts.

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I have always aimed to publish a post on NHM every week day and most of the time I achieve this.

However, due to the volume of people now following NHM and the communications that I’m being asked to share with you I am going to make the following changes:

Daily Morning Post

I will publish a post first thing in the morning on wordpress that will be published to the following places:

NorthHants Mum on Facebook

NorthHantsMum FB Page

NHM is on Twitter!

NHM on LinkedIn

NHM on Google+

I will do my very, very best to get this post out to you in all of these places, by 9am every morning.

I am now having to post EVERY day (Monday to Sunday) to include everything in the schedule, so expect posts on weekends too now!

Daily Afternoon Post

I have literally over 100 Mum Top Tips that are lined up in my Evernote folder that I just haven’t had time to schedule.

I will publish these posts every afternoon, around the 2pm time.

The posts published after lunch are likely to be the ones that I “squeeze” into the schedule, so I will try to publish every day but these will be “as and when”.

Facebook Shares

Facebook seems to be the perfect domain for busy Mum’s and the NHM Community.

Yes, Facebook is evil to many of us who publish statuses, but it’s the best medium for sharing information that I’ve found.

I would love to use Twitter more, but the volume of tweets that I see makes it very overwhelming.

I know that a lot of you publish competitions or key posts on Facebook and I do my very best to keep up with what’s going on and to share what I think are the key statuses to the NHM Community.

However, I am drowning in this at the moment.


My request to you is, if you are running a competition or you have a key FB status that you think the NHM Community needs to know about then please let me know.

It would make my life a lot easier if you could tag me in a status (by using @sign and then typing NorthHants Mum) and then I will know that you want me to share this. Or you can message me on FB and I will share your posts in the evening.

I will schedule these once Miss NHM has gone to bed. After 7pm usually.

I make no commitment to sharing every thing you send me, so please choose wisely! lol.

Also, I will share these ONLY on NorthHants Mum every evening.

Questions for the NHM Community

If you have a question that you think the NHM Community can help you with, please send me a message via NorthHants Mum or NorthHantsMum@gmail.com and I will do my very best to add them into the schedule.

I will ask these questions to the FB community on NorthHants Mum because this is where I get the most interaction.


All of the above needs to be taken with a pinch of salt though, because if my life becomes hectic and manic or there is sickness in our house, this schedule goes completely out of the window!

My family, work and part time business take priority but I will do my very best to ensure that I stick to the above schedule as much as I can.

Also, I NEVER look at people’s profiles who have friended me on NorthHants Mum.

I know some people are worried about adding NorthHants Mum as a friend, but I can promise you that I really don’t have the time, energy or desire to check out people’s profiles!

I’ve got enough to do with family, work, part time business and NHM already!!! lol.

What are your thoughts on these changes?

I’m very conscious that I’m going to be sharing a lot of information with you throughout the day, so I would really like your insights on this.

Is it too much or too little?

What would you like to see more of and what would you like to see less of?

Thank you for reading this epic post and thank you in advance for your feedback and support! 😉

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