Christmas Presents made locally

Yes, yes, I know, you are probably all sticking your tongue out at your screens right now (or worse!) but it’s 97 days to Christmas today.

Into double figures…EEKKKK!!!!

I made a commitment to myself a few years ago, to try to buy as many Christmas presents locally as possible.

However, you need to get in quick to get a slot to get your presents made in time for Christmas.

I’m very privileged that I’ve met a lot of Mum’s who run their own businesses in the past three years.

The people mentioned below are the ones who have gone out of their way to build a relationship with me.

So, this is my way of recognising them (in no particular order!!!) and helping you too ????

There is nothing quite like the warm glow that comes from helping out a local Mum out.

Please remember, when ordering products, to ensure that you pay these Mum’s for the work that they do.

I know for a fact that a lot of love goes into these handmade products so it’s important that people get paid for their time.

Christmas Presents made Locally

A really good photograph of your family

Grandparents LOVE pictures of children and pictures of their families. Both of Miss NHM’s grandparents have houses filled with photographs of their families.

Check out the NHM page Family Photographers in North Hampshire for some recommendations.

A cute crocheted creation by Tracy at Eden Reborn

A voucher for reflexology with Wendy at Wendy French Reflexology, Jill at Jill Lewis Reflexology or Karen at Tranquility Tree

Personlised gifts or something special for your own home by Sam and her Mum at Butterflies and Cupcakes

Keepsake jewellery by Liane at Smallprint or Sheri at Tinytoes and Stickyfingers

Fabulous Usborne Books by Lisa at Lisa’s Lovely Books, Michelle at Biggs Books and Zoe Rainbow

Handmade crafts by Chloe, Rhi and Charlene at Sew the Seams

A carefully selected range of products, including framed prints, tote bags and postcards by Kate at Hope & Rainbows

Personalised unique gifts by Denise at Dillydaff

Beautiful extra soft blankets by Vicki at Maggie B

Emma Perkins Fitness (pre and post natal) Vouchers for Personal training, running technique sessions or massage (sports or relaxing)

Handmade products by Dani at The Littlest Pixies (although I have seen that Dani is swamped and I think her books are now closed for Christmas)

Handmade clothes by Emma at MummyLovesLily

Unqiue Christmas cards by Clare at Phoenix Trading Cards and Heidi at Heidi Wadsworth Independent Phoenix Trader

Practical First Aid Kits by Vicky at First Aid Angels in Basingstoke

Handmade jewellry and Watches by Mary at Mary Jane Creations

Don’t forget, if you would like to save some money in advance of Christmas, to drop me an email or give me a call as I know I can help you with that ????

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