How I read blogs: Feedly

I read a LOT of blogs. I’m subscribed to about 500 blogs but I have my particular favourites. Look out for a post from me soon on my favourite blogs.

I used to use Google Reader but when that was decommisioned last year I searched high and low for an alternative that was up to scratch.

I tried a few other tools but my favourite, by far, is Feedly.

I’ve mentioned before about how I love my iPAD and I read posts via the Feedly iPAD app. You can also get the equivalent for your pc and mobile.

I have several folders which I’ve created which are the themes for the blogs, which are:

Must Read
Blog Inspiration
Whenever I add a blog into Feedly I add them into the relevant folder. This makes it much easier to find things.When I find a post that I love and want to keep, I email myself a copy from Feedly to my Evernote account.

Feedly marks when you have read a post, so if I don’t forward myself a copy to Evernote, it can get lost.

Feedly is one of the technology tools that I couldn’t live without!

What blog reader do you use and why?

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