What is Buggyfit?

It’s a class devised to help Mum’s get their shape and toning back after giving birth. It’s also a great way to meet other Mum’s in the area.  You will burn calories, improve posture and strengthen your core muscles in this effective and safe postnatal workout.

Classes are run all year round:

  • Monday – 11am at Basing Wood Forestry Commission, we meet in the car park at Popley Fields Community Centre
  • Wednesday – 11am at Basing Wood Forestry Commission.
  • Friday  – 11am at Basing Wood Forestry Commission.

We meet rain or shine (and even snow); you will spot me wearing a BuggyFit top.

The class lasts 1 hour and starts with a warm up walk, moving into a power walk.

Each class includes group exercises specifically selected to strengthen and tone particular muscle groups finishing off with some special post baby tummy exercises and stretches.

Included in the sessions are tips and techniques on adopting and maintaining better posture and of course the chance to chat and make new friends.

What to wear?

Layers of clothes, as even in the coldest weather we can get very warm.

Good trainers or walking shoes.

Good fitting sports bra (or two!).

What not to forget?

Drink for mummy and baby.

Rain cover / sunshade.

Sun cream.

Before you start your first class we will complete a pre exercise screen to ensure all the exercises are safe for you.

You will need to have had your 6 week check with the doctor and had the all clear to exercise.

Here are a few comments from Mums who attend BuggyFit

“I started BuggyFit when my 1st daughter was about 9 months old. It appealed to me as it was a class I could do with my daughter and got us both out in the fresh air with other Mummies and babies. I then continued at classes throughout the first 2 trimesters of my 2nd pregnancy, under close guidance from Emma to make sure I only partook to a safe level.

I have now rejoined with my new daughter and still enjoy it. Emma’s classes are fun and varied, and her knowledge and expertise in post natal exercise means I can relax and exercise knowing I am doing so safely.”

“A fantastic way to get back into shape while enjoying the fresh air and meeting new mummies . Emma is a great teacher who helps you safely work out after having a baby”

“I’ve been doing Buggyfit now since my little girl was 14 weeks old on a Friday morning at Basing Woods, she is now just coming up to 3.

In the mean time, I became pregnant again, when Bethany was 7 months old, and I carried on doing Buggyfit until I was 36 weeks pregnant, Emma looked after me and made sure I was exercising without doing too much.

Buggyfit is an enjoyable and very friendly activity, everyone talks to each other, and we often have a laugh as we exercise, as well as sharing our stories of sleepless nights, weaning, potty training and all sorts of dramas. Its not only exercise we do, but sharing experiences , and making new friends.

My children also enjoy their little outing of fresh air (which has consisted of pouring rain, snow, hail and best of all lovely sunshine) , as long I have a good supply of snacks! They also have benefited not only learning to count forwards but also to count backwards, as Emma shouts them out as we do our squats etc. My little girl also gets involved and has been know to exercise along with us, a good foundation to learn as she grows up that exercise is fun, and good for you.

Emma is a great teacher, and looks after you well, I’ve never come away thinking I’ve done too much, as you can do low or high impact, with no pressure to do either.
I would highly recommend Buggyfit for a number of factors, but the best, to get you back into shape in the lovely fresh air and make new friends!”

More information

There no need to pay in advance or book you can just turn up and try BuggyFit for £4.

After your first class I sell a block of 10 classes which can be used at any class for £35 or you can pay £4 per class.

Throughout the year,  along with Basingstoke and Dean Borough Council, I offer a 6 week taster course of BuggyFit. (Look out for the details of the next course, on NHM tomorrow.) 

The next courses start in mid  September on:

  • Monday 1pm Basing Wood
  • Wednesday 2pm Kingsclere
  • Thursday 9.30am Padworth Common.

Please send me an email at emmatraining@hotmail.com to book your place.  Please note that places are limited.

Come and give BuggyFit a try, it’s a fun and a great way to exercise plus baby comes too!

Emma x

07973 389407


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