Please help us build a local sustainable taxi system by completing a 2 minute survey

My good friend, Rob, runs Evergreen Consulting, an independent expert electric vehicle support for businesses and individuals, and his team were wondering if you would be so kind as to respond to his very quick survey below.

It’s such a brilliant concept, to run an electric vehicle taxi or two in Basingstoke, but they need as much input on the survey as possible.

I said that I was sure the NHM Community wouldn’t let him down ;-).

Please contact Rob directly if you would like more details about the new taxi system.
A local sustainable taxi system

We would like to build a business model to encourage local car dealers to support local taxi companies to switch to electric vehicles, but we need specific data to verify its feasibility and value to the dealer.

Please take just 2 minutes to complete the survey below (making sure you finish the survey by clicking the “Done” button):

Thanks in advance,
Robert Sharpe
07711 252971


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Evergreen Consulting is the trading name of Sharpe Consultants Ltd

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