I need a favour…

I found out on Friday that I’ve been nominated for an Award at the Mums and Business Awards which are due to take place on the 22nd of June in the Mountbatten Leisure centre in Portsmouth.

NorthHantsMum is in the category of “Best Social Awareness Business”:

“For businesses that demonstrate a social conscience, are set up as a social enterprise or in other ways help society, either locally or on a larger scale.”


“Best Virtual/ Technology Business”:

“For businesses that conduct their business primarily online or remotely from their customers or clients and for businesses in the technology sector or who operate primarily through the use of technology.”

How cool is that!!?!?!??!?!?!

I need as many nominations as I can get so…. please can you nominate NHM HERE.

Voting (by way of nomination) closes on the 19th of June, so if you could nominate me by then, that would be perfect.

I will be eternally, deeply, terribly and wonderfully grateful. Forever.

Thank you very much!!!


Email Address: NorthHantsMum@gmail.com

Business Owner’s name: Louise

Business Name: NorthHantsMum

A few caveats

I REALLY wasn’t going to mention this, except it was actually someone else who nominated me.

I know NHM isn’t technically a business, but I do operate it as if it was a business.

NHM’s 3rd anniversary is on the 22nd of June, so it feels kind of fitting.

I feel quite uncomfortable about asking you, but it would really nice to be officially recognised for my efforts on NHM over the past three years.

I wouldn’t even be up for the award if it wasn’t for all of you fantastic NHM Readers and supporters, so thank you, again, very much.

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