Thank you!!!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who came along this morning. It was a resounding success! Yay!

I’m really sorry I didn’t get to chat properly to everyone. There were so many people that I wanted to talk too but there just wasn’t time.

I wanted to give a big shout out to the wonderful team at Playdays. Kristy, Cheryl and the rest of the team did a great job of setting up and helping to ensure that everything went smoothly. Thank you Ladies!

I also wanted to thank all of you who came along who represented local businesses. It was great to meet so many of you! Hopefully I haven’t missed anyone below. I completely forgot to take one of the bags myself (DUH!) so have done the list from memory. If I’ve missed anyone, let me know ASAP!

The next Meet Up (Summer 2014 ) is already booked for Wednesday 25th June, so get the date in your diary now! I’m sorry that it’s another Wednesday, for those who aren’t able to make Wednesday’s, but I’m hoping to do another Meet Up on a Friday and possibly one on a weekend if people are interested.

I also wanted to make you aware of another date for your calendar. I’ve set up a NHM Networking lunch for Monday 28th April, 12pm to 1pm. If you would like more details, please drop me an email at

Thanks again and I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!

Local Businesses at NHM Spring 2014 Meet Up

Lisa from Lisa’s Lovely Books (Usborne Books are awesome, as is Lisa!)

Sarah from Woollen Clouds (Beautiful products and Sarah’s a lovely!)

Sophie from Design by Sophie (Sophie is the brains behind the NHM image and is the person to go to for all yours design needs)

Kim, Rapunzel and Pascale from Routine Riots (Rapunzel rocked today!)

Clare from Phoenix Trading Cards (I LOVE Clare’s cards)

Marta from Massage for Mum’s (Marta does the BEST massage!)

Colleen from My Precious Cargo (I soooo wish I had got a rear car seat through these guys as they are fab!)

Jaz from Caterpillar Music (Jaz is sooo lovely. I just want to hug her every time I see her! Her classes are incredibly popular too!)

Tom from The Baby and Children’s Market (Tom is also sooo lovely but if I say I want to hug him every time I see him, Jaz might not be too impressed!)

Madeleine from Little Acorns in Ecchinswell (Another lovely lady who I’m sure I’ve met somewhere else before!!)

Tracy from The Creation Station (I actually did hug Tracy because she’s so wonderful and her classes are also incredibly popular)

Sheri from Tiny Toes and Sticky Fingers (Sheri is fab. Nothing else needed. Oh except it’s been nearly two years and she STILL hasn’t got her guest post sorted :-D)

Alistair from Ideal Imaging Photography (Alistair takes wonderful photo’s and I’m really looking forward to going on a shoot with him very soon!)



(10 minutes after this post was published, I got told off for not mentioning Mr NHM in my thanks. Opps! So… MASSIVE THANK YOU to my wonderful husband who sorted out the stickers – which are fantastic! – and who has been very supportive of my NHM career to date. Thank you!!!!!!)

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