Ideas for Mother’s Day 2014

I’ve been thinking of some posts that I’ve already published that might be useful for Mother’s Day ideas or hints.

All you need to do is forward this post to your beloved and/or children and tell him/her that not only will he/she be making your Mother’s day but they will be supporting local businesses, which is extra brownie points :-D.



(several of these businesses have already closed their books for Mother’s Day BUT there may be a few products that are available, so double check first)

Laura Lu  (Massive hint to Mr NHM – I LOVE Laura’s items)

Maggie B – beautiful extra soft baby blankets (Massive hint to Mr NHM – I WOULD LIKE ONE OF THESE FOR MOTHER’S DAY!!!! :-D)

A photo session from anyone of these photographers: Family Photographers in North Hants (Mr NHM – Yes please!)

Hope & Rainbows – (Mr NHM – I LOVE the bags from Kate at Hope & Rainbows!)

Some flowers from Marie’s Flowers (Mr NHM – LOVELY and these wouldn’t count as guilt flowers because I’ve said I would like them! :-D)

Can’t wait for the lecture I’m going to get on how I shouldn’t use NHM to make hints to my beloved! Haha! 

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