It’s Miss NHM’s 3rd Birthday today!!

Yup. She’s three today. Eek! I’m no longer the Mum of a baby or toddler, but the Mum of a little girl! How did that happen?!?!?

It also means that the NorthHantsMum blog is nearly three years old. Another Eek for that one! lol.

We had a party at the weekend for Miss NHM and I would like to give a shout out to a number of local businesses who were key to the success of the party.

A big thank you to Gavin at Bounce4Fun. We hired the Tots Play Pen Bouncy Castle for last years party and it was a huge success. This year he recommended the Princess and the Dragon Bouncy castle with a slide, which went down a storm with the children. 

Totally recommend Gavin for all your Bouncy castle needs, although keep in mind that he only needs 30 mins to set up and therefore don’t panic if you think he’s late, like I did <blush>.

Also a huge thank you to Nikki at Ma Humbug’s Old Fashioned Sweet Shop who did some personalised party bags for us. They had sweets in that were suitable for toddlers and were packaged beautifully.

The party was a great success so thank you to everyone who was involved.

Today will be mostly spent eating cake and cuddling my little girl as much as she will let me. I can’t wait!!!! :-D.

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