Andrea Alvares Photography

Andrea is very kindly offering NHM Readers a free pregnancy photoshoot for those winter newborns, when you book a newborn photo session!

Please see the bottom of this post for more details…

Andrea Alvares Photography

This is me, Andrea Alvares.

A mother of one, and a true photograph enthusiast.

I love my child, my husband, and of course, my Nikon.

I find the smell of fresh rain somewhat pleasurably nostalgic, I drink less water than I probably should, and on the odd occasion I enjoy tucking into a good old Big Mac.

I am in love with this little gift called life. Capturing immeasurably special moments from behind my camera is my passion.

I believe that a warm, golden light, a laidback setting, and close, loving family is all that is needed to create the perfect mood for a photograph.

I am a lover of art. My camera is my paintbrush and the world is my canvas. With these two combined, I am able to capture and create beautiful, tasteful memories that will last a lifetime. I enjoy working with a variety of different clients and being a part of their art.

For as far back as I can remember, I have felt more fulfilled and more inspired with a camera in my mind. Since a young age, I’ve always aimed to capture “the perfect shot”; the one that would be fussed over and framed, and placed proudly on my desktop.

Today, my entire home is embellished with my art. And, my dear little desktop frame has been replaced with more impressive versions of its former self. My little frame has graduated to the most magnificent wall displays, canvases, and photo books, all of which display the most precious memories that my family has created. I believe that each and every beautiful memory deserves to be preserved.

As your photographer, I take pride in capturing your special memories created with your beloved family, and in turning those unforgettable moments into your own art. I ensure that your heartwarming memories are presented where they rightfully should be – in your own version of your little desktop frame – for the world to see and enjoy; the way it should be.

I really believe that every Mama deserves a great picture with her children and here is an amazing offer you Mamas to be!

As a mama to a winter baby I know how tricky those winter birthdays can be. No big BBQ birthday get togethers, no pool parties or bouncy castles. Us winter baby mama’s have to get creative and are destined for a lifetime of indoor birthday parties.

I think my fellow winter mamas to be out there deserve a wee bit of a break so I’m offering all of them a totally awesome free pregnancy photoshoot for those winter newborns who book a newborn photo session with me!

Enjoy, winter mamas. You deserve it!!!

Valid for due dates from January through April 2014.

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