My list of places to visit in 2014

In the interest of doing more Reviews for NHM (honest!) I’ve put together a list of places that I’ve never been to before that I plan to check out during this year.

Several of the places I will visit just with Miss NHM as Mr NHM will be working. This will hopefully keep costs down!!

I’ve indicated where the place should be free or reasonably cheap because only parking cost will need to be paid.

I plan to write Reviews about all of these places that are on this list, so look out for them during this year!

Visited in 2014

Moors Valley Country Park – Done! parking costs only

St Harold Hillier Gardens – Done! (Review still to be written up!) I visited here when Miss NHM was tiny, but it was a blur of sleep deprivation, so am looking forward to going back after more sleep

Exbury Gardens and Steam Railway – Done! See my review on Exbury HERE.

Miller’s Ark – Done! See my review on Miller’s Ark HERE.

Manydown Family Fun – Done!

The Tea Bar

Curiositea room

Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium – (Review still to be written up. Opps! Although ‘After Dark’ Review is HERE

Still to visit

Basing House

Bucklebury Farm Park – Reviewed 2015 HERE.

Danebury Iron Age Hill Fort – Parking cost only. Reviewed 2016 HERE.

Watercress Line

Dinton Pastures – Parking cost only. You can see the secret review Jo did HERE.

Manor Farm Country Park –  I haven’t been here for 8 years, so am looking forward to going back

Milestones Living History Museum – I haven’t been here since it opened, so looking forward to going to see this too!

Ice Skating

Visit a Lido

Visit a Pick Your Own Place 

Frimley Lodge Park

Longleat Safari Park

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