The Littlest Pixies

The Littlest Pixies

The Littlest Pixies make personalised embroidered children’s items and tutus.

My name is Dani  and before I had my two daughters (the littlest pixies) I worked in theatre as a Company Stage Manager for 14 years.  When the girls arrived I knew it would be time for a career change, it just took me a while to decide what! It needed to work around little people and my husbands’ crazy hours…

I finished maternity leave in November 2013 and The Littlest Pixies opened the day after! I originally thought that I might have a little bit of custom from friends for personalised stockings and santa sacks but it soon went crazy! An utter shock and an utter joy! Over the Christmas period we produced over 100 Christmas items in the 3 weeks from launching to the last Christmas post!

I am absolutely loving producing little things for little people and so far we’ve made personalised gift labels, tutus, tutu dresses, Birthday T shirts ( a fave of mine), personalised T shirts, muslins, blankets, bibs, babygrows and vests not forgetting of course the very popular Birthday T shirt and tutu outfits!

Now we have reached the new year I am massively excited to grow the business and launch new products, the first of which will be personalised superhero T shirts and capes, next up we have some rather awesome T shirts for the men that will launch towards the end of the month.

I made a decision when opening not to make up stock but to make each item customised to the client’s requirements … When I say on the page ‘if you can’t see what you want just ask’, I really mean just that, I love a challenge and my career in theatre makes me an utter stickler for attention to detail!

I would love for you to pop over to the facebook page and have a look around, feel free to message me any questions you may have.

It is an utter joy to make beautiful things for your little people and yourselves.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, I hope to see you soon! I will leave you with some customer reviews:

‘I ordered a first Christmas baby grow and I was amazed by the quick response and delivery, amazing quality I will be ordering again, thank you littlest pixies J’

‘Fantastic service, beautiful products. Great value for money too. Highly recommend. My daughter loves her tutu and it’s elasticated wide waistband means it’s comfy for her too! Thank you!’

‘The littlest pixies made my little girl the cutest personalised t shirt for her 2nd birthday. The t shirt is beautifully made to a high standard. Thank you so much The Littlest Pixies !!!!’Don’t miss out on future posts like this – you can receive updates directly to your inbox by email by adding your email address to the box on the top right of this page and hitting subscribe. You can also follow NorthHantsMum onTwitterFacebook ProfileLinkedIn and Feedly. I hope to see you there! 

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