TinyTalk Baby Signing Basingstoke


New Spring term starts January!

Why Baby signing? because babies have so much to say!

The Spring term will see a new addition to the well loved TinyTalk baby signing classes, with a new interactive sensory section of the class.

By using new sensory toys we can help babies to develop their fine motor skills or hand coordination skills, needed to make signs.

We work on their babbling skills, blowing raspberries and making noises, needed to make spoken words. Watching the bubbles, as they float in the air, helps them to focus their visual skills, needed for watching someone speaking to them.

In addition to this new section there will still be all the well loved nursery rhymes and songs, of course the signs and the signed story time, our fun walk about songs, and the important social time.

The Spring term will be 12 weeks long with a half term, starting the week beginning 6th January 2014. The classes are prepay only.

Classes on Mondays in Basingstoke town 11.00-12.00

Wednesdays at Chineham 10.00-11.00 and 11.15-12.15.

The Wednesday afternoon class at Hatch Warren is already full.

If you would like to know more then please contact me abih@tinytalk.co.uk or take a look at the website www.tinytalk.co.uk/abih

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