Classes that are still running during Summer 2013

Below are some classes which are still running during the summer holiday’s.

Most children’s centres are running a cut down programme during the summer. For more details, you can find the links to the Children’s Centre’s HERE.

Don’t forget to check out the PlayBus dates HERE. The Playbus is being run by local Children Centre’s, so should be appropriate for the under five’s.

Your local library will also be running some classes that are appropriate for babies and little one’s, like RhymeTime and Baby Bounce. You can find more details about local libraries HERE.


Jumble Bee’s

A fun and active sports session for you and your child. This is an affordable sports club for pre school children and toddlers.

The class will be a fun filled session with lots of games and sporting activities to help build confidence and physical ability whilst keeping fit and healthy.


preschool singing is on it’s holiday time table as of 29th July. 1 session at 9.45 with additional activity to follow(optional).

At st Gabriel’s church popley on Mondays. Pay as you go including refreshments. All welcome.

Tuesday’s and Thursday’s

Caterpillar Music

Summer sessions for Caterpillar Music:

  • Tuesday 23rd July 11:10am Chineham Village Hall Community Room
  • Thursday 25th July 1:15pm Christ Church in Chineham
  • Tuesday 30th July 11:10am Chineham Village Hall Community Room
  • Thursday 1st August 1:15pm Christ Church in Chineham

On Tuesday 27th August at 9:30-10:30 we are having a Caterpillar Music 1st Birthday Party at Chineham Village Hall. This will be a Caterpillar Music session followed by cake, drink, free play and children get Caterpillar Music “goody bags”.

The sessions are reduced at £4 per session (usually £5) and the party is £5 (but it must be prebooked).


NCT Coffee and Chat

10am to 12pm at Brookvale Hall. You don’t need to be an NCT member to attend. Costs £1.50 which includes drinks and cake.


Mumbaba sing along for preschoolers is running through the summer. There are 2 sessions on a Friday morning, 9.30 & 11 o’clock at Christ church, Chineham. Older siblings are welcome too. Pay as you go which includes refreshments.

Are there any other classes that are missing? Please let me know if there are. Thank you!

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