A summer of sport III: Golf

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Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden.

The Open Championship 2013 has been played and the Claret Jug has been held aloft (congratulations Mr Mickelson). So what’s next?

I was always a bit of a Daddy’s girl and whatever Daddy did, I did. My Daddy liked to play golf; I liked to play golf. So it is strange that over the years I have not played often. To place some of the blame elsewhere, I have struggled to find someone to play golf with. You see, there are not many women folk out there that play golf – least, not many that are within my friendship circles. And now my friendship circles invariably include Misses and Masters. Is this a further hindrance to my golf?

No. In a word. Golf is no longer confined to the business deal making, (male) suit-wearing (stereotyped) population the world over. Golf is for everyone.

I have often heard golf described as a ‘perfectly good way to ruin a lovely morning walk’. Golf does not have to be that way (entirely). Make the walk more efficient and play golf with your family. Family time, exercise, fresh air and practising your skills (because, as any golfer will tell you, this game is one you will never perfect).

We are fortunate to have a plethora of golf courses in north Hampshire and many of these advertise junior lessons, Basingstoke Golf Centre (RG22 6PG) and Dummer Golf Club (RG25 2AD) are just two such courses.

Has The Open fanned a spark of interest? Maybe golf was not previously on your radar? Perhaps you are unsure if you will even like golf? Well, what if you could give golf a try for little or not cost?

I have just the thing! Get Into Golf are running taster sessions all up and down the country. Try Thursday 1 August at Bishopswood Golf Club (RG26 4AT) or Wednesday 7 August in Eastrop Park (Basingstoke), or check www.getintogolf.org for further venues and dates.

Pleasant putting, folks!

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