Review 2013: Kids ‘n’ Action, Soft Play Centre, Winersh Triangle nr Reading

Kids ‘n’ Action, 680 Eksdale Road, Winnersh Triangle Berkshire RG41 5TS (does anyone know if they have a website because I can’t find one?) 

We went to a new (it opened in August last year) Soft Play centre recently which is over near Reading. A friend of a friend recommended it to us so we checked it out on my little one’s birthday last week.

As you walk in, there are a lot of tables and seating, so you can grab a table and start to explore. There’s lots to do. Along one side of the main room is the soft play for smaller children and they have a small area specifically for babies. Then there is the car wash, which we really loved! Next to that is a football pitch with hoops. The husband was most annoyed that I scored more hoops than him, and it’s made me seriously think about taking up netball again! lol. Then there is the Activity centre which is HUGE. My little one loved clambering through this and it’s big enough that adults can go on too. She also really loved the slides, the big one and the small ones. The big slide is very big though!

Just off the main room is a long corridor with lots of little rooms in. There is a technology room, a dressing up room with lots of different costumes, a shop, a vets, a hospital area, a construction zone and I’m sure there is another zone I just can’t remember! My little one loved the technology room and the construction zone. I could have spent several hours in the shop room, sorting out all of the food toys! It was a bit demoralising to go into every room and see everything all over the place, but I guess it’s to be expected.  Such a brilliant idea having different rooms with different themes.

You can buy food on site. The food was ok but it’s quite expensive for what it is and there aren’t too many healthy options. I guess that they have to cater to demand though.

There was also only one baby changing room which we didn’t get to check out as it was always being used. However, the ladies had another baby changing table in. All seemed clean and tidy but it had one of those nappy dispensers and I could not work out how to get it to work! Parking can also be a challenge.

When you go in, you can request a card which allows you one free entry once you’ve been five or six times (can’t remember how many, sorry).

We were there for a good 3 hours, which included food. It was a lot busier in the morning when we were there and seemed to empty out at around 11.45am.

We had a good time, but I don’t think we will be going there regularly as it’s a good half hour drive from Basingstoke. It was a nice day trip out to go somewhere different.

We give it a 4/5. It would have had more had we not spent ages trying to find a car parking space and if the food options were healthier.

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