Random Friday Post

I’ve read a lot of really good posts recently and re-read some olds ones. I thought you might be interested in reading the following:

Facilitate correction of tongue-tie in newborn babies within three days from birth

There is an epetition that is circulating about facilitating the correction of tongue-tie in newborn babies within three days from birth. This is an issue close to my heart as it took 5 weeks after my little one was born to have her tongue tie confirmed. This was partly the reason why we had such a tough first couple of months with breastfeeding. If you would like to support this epetition, please find the link HERE.

Purple Crying

Have you heard of Purple Crying? I saw this a couple of years ago but thought it was a really interesting post and I’ve been meaning to add a link to it here for ages. Definitely worth a read. Click HERE for the link.

The truth about baby food jars.

This is a fascinating, if disturbing, post about what goes into baby food. It uses scare tactics but is very powerful. Click HERE for the link.

Nine Reasons not to carry your baby facing out

This is another really interesting post. I didn’t babywear, despite really wanting too, as I suffered from SPD when I was pregnant and couldn’t cope with the extra weight of carrying my baby around. If you are lucky enough to be able to carry your little one in a sling, this is also interesting reading. Click HERE for the link.

Hope you find the links above useful. Have a great weekend!

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