Quidco – an easy way to make savings

I was a little apprehensive about using Quidco but after they paid £24.56 into my bank account I decided that there might actually be something to it! The idea is that the site gets commission for recommending paying shoppers, and that commission  is paid back to you. You can get cashback in two ways, either from registering your card on the website which you can then use in certain retailers or you can just visit the Quidco website before you do your internet shopping. There are 3,000 retailers already listed. It’s not a lot of commision that you get but these days every little bit helps.

I used Quidco to change our electricity provider which I received £20.00 from. I also used them when searching to buy some baby items from Mothercare and Sainsburys. If you are looking to buy something online, it’s worth checking out Quidco in advance to see if there are any relevant deals that you can find.

The biggest thing for me is remembering to look at Quidco first and then forgetting about it because it takes about two months for the money to come through. However, it was a nice perk when it did! Be warned that there are down sides to consumer cashback sites, as highlighted in the article below. I haven’t experienced any of this though and found Quidco to be much better than expected.

Happy Shopping!


Cashback sites are a consumer rights minefield

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