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I know a lot of Mum’s are looking for part time roles to support their childcare responsibilities. I’ve read a lot recently in the National news about how the Government is supposed to be supporting women at work and how big companies in the UK are looking to remove the “glass ceiling”. I find this quite ironic given that I’ve never seen a part time advertised, unless it’s for administrator, NHS worker or teacher. If the Government and UK companies were really looking to support women in the work place, then flexible working would be advertised and would be far more predominant in the work place. For those of you who can’t return to work for whatever reason (childcare costs, etc.) but are looking to make some money and keep working in some capacity I’ve been doing a bit of research looking into part time work that is available in the area. Below are a few of the things that I’ve discovered that you might be interested in.

Kasia, a NHM reader, contacted me asking me to share details about a part time opportunity for Mum’s in the area: Need to earn some extra money; looking for a change in lifestyle; want to save money on your own skincare and cosmetics; want “a hobby”; want to meet some new friends; looking to do something different; want a new job??? Whatever you are looking for in 2012 Oriflame Cosmetics can help you. Oriflame sells natural cosmetics that have never been tested on animals. You can see more information on the website and even see a catalogue. We are FREE to JOIN, you choose your own hours, and depending on what you are looking for you can earn yourself a few extra £’s a week, and at the same time, have the potential to start to have your own business. If you are interested, please contact Kasia on or click on her Facebook page “Oriflame Basingstoke” for more details.

If you are looking for a part time role, keep an eye on the local press (Gazette and Observer) and it’s always good to put the word out to other friends who might know of opportunities.

There are lots of websites that support working Mum’s looking for opportunities. These are some that I have found which look pretty good:

Mum and working. They also have a Facebook Page. Check out our new flexible work listings

Hope they provide you with some inspiration!

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